10 sites that will send you free stuff!

After signing up with one site that sends you free samples it sort of opens a door to a whole lot of others that do the same thing. I mean, who doesn’t like getting free stuff?! These websites are ‘Try and Review’ type sites. The way most of these work is, you sign up enter a bit of information and wait to qualify for “missions”. Once you qualify the company will send you a free product to test out… sometimes they send samples sizes but they also tend to send full size product as well. In return for getting the free product they expect you to do a few tasks like upload to your social media accounts and leave reviews. They more active you are the more likely you’ll be to qualify for more free products. So if you like getting free stuff in the mail, trying out new products, and writing reviews I recommend you sign up.

These first 5 are some of my favorite, hope you’ll check them out!

Generation Good


Smiley 360

House Party


a few others:

pinch me
moms meet
home tester club
bullseye Insiders


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