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Postpartum hair loss and the amazing gummies that saved me!

Being a first time mom, I realized that postpartum hair loss isn’t something that women really talk about..not until your are freaking out about bald spots then people are like “oh yea that happens, take vitamins”. Ugh! The hair loss sort of snuck up on me. It was like one minute I was pregnant with long flowing hair, just glowing. Then the next I was exhausted with an infant and my hair was falling out. When I finally REALLY noticed my bald spots, I asked for some input on a local Facebook mom’s group. Most of the mamas advised me to take biotin. I got a few different brands of pills and gummies and tried them each for a month, but sadly I didn’t see results. In fact my hair loss continued.

Then one day, while on one of our long walks through target, I found OLLY Undeniable Beauty Gummy Supplement, with BIOTIN & Borage Oil;  I started taking these gummies in January the first month I saw only a small difference but I stuck with these because they have honestly been the best tasting of all the other brands I tried. They have a sweet grapefruit flavor which makes them easy to take.

By the 2nd month of taking these gummies I finally saw the light. My hair was growing back and it was coming in fast!! I’m 4 months in now and I have all this new baby hair which has made me so incredibly happy! Having bald spots and thinning hair was really hard on me emotionally, it made me so insecure that I had actually stopped taking photos and being in photos. So that made it hard to find pictures for this post. But, I didn’t want lack of tons of photos  to keep me from writing this , I just had to share.




Postpartum Hair Loss - Best dummies ever

8 thoughts on “Postpartum hair loss and the amazing gummies that saved me!

  1. Thank you for this tip! I have been searching for a supplement to help with postpartum hair loss. I need these in my life ASAP

  2. Ugh, it happened to me 7 months postpartum. I was like OMG! Alex would laugh and say the wall of the shower was a James Pollock of my hair. I had to take prenatal again to reverse the effect. I think it took a month before I saw results.

  3. Oh man! Where was this when I was pregnant My hair was coming out in clumps! I will forward this to my pregnant friends thanks!

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