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Summer Bucket List for toddlers

Summer Bucket List- Hey there Melissa

We have already gotten a good start on our summer bucket list, which is short sweet and toddler friendly.

However, summer isn’t over yet, and we still have lots of fun to have!! So, here is a run down of our summer bucket list.

Have a picnic at the Park

Sofia, loves going to the park, so figured a little picnic would be lots of fun. I am a little concerned because it has been so darn hot, but I’m sure we will get to this soon.

Visit Sea World

We have already check this of our list. We went to Seas World San Antonio a few weeks ago. We were actually able to get out tickets free, thanks to their Wave software Honor program which allows former military personnel and up to three guests enjoy one complimentary admission to SeaWorld – through July 4th. Click here to find out more. My sister, who is also a veteran was able to get her tickers as well.. so we had my mom, sister and niece join us on the trip.

Watch a movie at the theater

I’m not really sure if Sofia, a toddler who isn’t even 2 yet, will sit through an entire movie but I have noticed a lot of people I know take their kiddos. So, I kind of want to try it and see how it goes.

Check out the Children’s Museum

This is another activity that we have already checked off of our list. Sofia had so much fun. I’m planning a recap post, with tons of photos soon.

Do the Summer Reading Program.

I signed us up for the Mcallen Public Library’s summer reading program. This task is currently underway. I try to read at least two books, with Sofia. This is our first time participating in a reading program and I’m really enjoying it. The library has various prizes and incentives to reward the children, and parents that read to them.

Have a bubble party

I’ll probably mix this one in with the picnic or the BBQ but my girls loves bubbles so we have to do something that involves bubbles.

BBQ with friends.
Go swimming
Play at the splash pad
Take a trip to the beach


Summer Bucket List- Hey there Melissa

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