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Allergy Eye Drops from Similasan – Review

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Using allergy eye drops has only recently became a regular thing for me. I never really suffered from allergies until I was pregnant with Sofia, which was pretty bad timing because I was too nervous to try anything for relief. Now, with out fail I continue to suffer pretty much every season. Dry eyes, redness, itchiness….you name it, I feel it. But, because eye care is very important to me, I still worry about what I put into my eyes.

So, when I was asked to try out Similasan’s Allergy Eye Drops, I jumped at the opportunity.

About Similasan

Similasan originated in Switzerland and became popular across Europe, and today, well-respected in North America as well.
The company is committed to providing temporary relief of symptoms the natural way — by engaging the body’s natural defenses to support the immune system. To help combat common ailments of the eye, ear, nose, throat, head, and chest, all of their products contain high quality ingredients that help naturally relieve symptoms.

Allergy Eye Relief

Similasan’s sterile eye drops works differently, they use natural botanical extracts to stimulate the body’s natural defenses and target the root cause. And, they are made without harsh chemicals, such as vasoconstrictors, which are chemicals that constrict you blood vessels, getting rid of that red eye temporarily. This means that you cause Similasan’s allergy eye drops as often as you need them.

I have been using these allergy eye drops for a few weeks now, and I must say, I’ve become a big fan. It seems like any time we have nice weather I start getting itchy eyes. I am constantly removing my glasses to rub my eyes but, these drops have helped tremendously. Application is very straight forward and the drops are very gentle. I had no negative side effects. I just love that I can use the drops as much as I want. And, because I am always on the computer I am planning to get their dry eye drops as well.

Other Products

If you are looking for an allergy survival kit, I strongly encourage you to also check out Similasan’s other products! You can find that at most retail stores…yes, even Target!

Allergy survival kit - Hey There Melissa

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