Dollar Three: A Dollar Tree Themed Birthday Party

Dollar Three: A Dollar Tree Themed Birthday Party

When my sweet little baby girl, Sofia, asked for a Dollar Tree party theme I really didn’t know what to think… so naturally, I tried to convince her to pick something different…like baby shark or even a fiesta. But, every time we asked she stuck to the whole Dollar Tree idea. My husband thought it was perfect, we could just buy all the Dollar Tree party supplies and call it a day. However, I kind of knew what she meant so, we decided to go for it, and set out to create a Dollar “Three” party.

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Dollar Tree Party Set Up

I wanted to keep things as simple as possible. It was a three year old’s party, after all. She would have been happy with a balloon and some cake. Of course, I got most of the party supplies from dollar tree; napkins, plates, food trays & baskets. Surprisingly the only thing I could not find at Dollar Tree were green balloons. They had mixed bags and a few bags of solid colors, like red and orange.. but no green. Thankfully I was able to order this variety pack of green balloons from amazon.

The Extra Details

Because we kept the party simple, I wanted to add a few details to make things just a little extra. That’s where my sister, and The ColorPOP Print Studio came in to help. My sister designed a few Dollar Three graphics for the party, this allowed us to add a few elements that tied in the Dollar Tree theme. We used the main logo as a center piece above the cake table, and on Sofia’s t-shirt. She made window clings that looked just like the one’s hanging on the store windows of Dollar Tree. And, she even created a giant gift card for decoration.
I printed the water labels on my own printer, I cute out the big “Dollar Three” letters on my silhouette, and a made the two balloon garlands myself, with the help of this wonderful little thing.

Mini Dollar Tree

We only had a few kiddos attend but we decided to have a little shopping experience for them. They were able to fill their own goody bags with an assortment of toys, from Dollar Tree. They really enjoyed this part!

Honestly I didn’t know how I was going to pull off the whole Dollar Tree party theme…parties really stress me out. But, everything turned out way better than I expected. My family enjoyed everything and more importantly, Sofia’s birthday dreams came true!! I wonder what she will come up with next year!

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