Everything You Need For Your New Puppy

Everything You Need For Your New Puppy

Anybody else get a new puppy during quarantine?! Since we were spending all our time at home, we decided it would be the perfect opportunity… So, let me introduce you to Rainbow, our little golden retriever pup. Puppyhood is not easy, even when you have all the time in the world. It’s been a few years since we had a puppy but let me tell you, having all the right supplies makes things just a tab bit easier. I mean, wouldn’t it be great if your new puppy just came with all the accessories and life essentials it needs? Since that is not the case, I created this list of supplies that you can get quickly and you don’t even have to leave your home. Thank you Amazon!!


Crate training is essential for us. We don’t allow Rainbow to sleep in our bed or roam the house unattended. So from day one she has used a crate. With crate training, we try to have her in there for random periods and not just when we’re going to leave. We don’t want her to have negative association with being in her crate. We always say the word “crate” when putting her in and we give her a treat once inside. Having a crate has helped us with potty training as well, pups usually will not want to go where they sleep – thankfully Rainbow has gotten the hang of things and wakes me up in the morning when she is ready to go out for a potty break.

My tip is to find a crate that your pup can grow with. Those usually have a separate panel that allow you to adjust the size of the kennel.

Food + Treats

Be sure to find out what type of food your pup has been eating, so you can get the same one. If you prefer to head your pup a different brand be sure to slowly transition to the new dog food… puppies can have sensitive tummies.

Collar & Leash

This is a pretty simple essential where you will keep your dog’s name tag and any additional tags your pup might need. Remember to make sure the collar isn’t too tight, you’ll want to be able to fit two fingers under it.

Poop Bags + Bag holder

Do everyone a favor and don’t forget the poop bags!! They have little bag holders that hang to the leash. Also, buy the bags in bulk because you will go through so many of these.

Food & Water dish

Another essential because clearly, your new dog will need a food and water dish to eat and drink out of! We chose to go with a stainless steel option that can easily go into the dishwasher when we want to clean them.


With all of the biting that puppies do, you’ll want to have lots of toys on hand to redirect them and guide them to appropriate play. You’ll also want an assortment of fun and interesting toys so your pup doesn’t get bored and resort to chewing your furniture or favorite pair of shoes.

Of course, these are just a few of the items that we have personally found useful, but as always, get the products you think will be best for you and your pet! And remember, there is so much more that comes with owning a puppy, it’s a big responsibility, keep that in mind before you bring home a new pup.

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