How to Diversify Your Child’s Bookshelf

How to Diversify Your Child’s Bookshelf

A new generation is expanding their minds and cultural awareness through books that illustrate the beauty of diversity. Representation matters, so MiJa Books is on a mission to diversify as many bookshelves as they can. And, what they’re offering will delight young readers of all ethnicities. 

MiJa Books is an online resource of children’s books that focus on multicultural themes. It’s at the forefront of showcasing literature that babies and kids identify with, brilliantly conveyed in stories by a diverse group of authors and illustrators. 

Created by the wife and husband entrepreneur team, Stephanie and Muammar Reed, this bookshop has selected titles featuring protagonists of color. Being parents themselves, they see first-hand the importance of offering reading material that empowers young minds and plants the seeds for growth. Therefore, they’ve created a wonderful platform for Black & Latina-Owned Indie-Bookstores and self-publishers to get their works out to a wider audience. Just as important, they’re allowing kids to see others just like them in print. Which is something that we can all celebrate.

MiJa Books is a one-stop-shop for curated children’s board and picture books that feature children of color as the main characters. 

Now, you can browse through their fantastic multicultural collection that they’ve uncovered and select which of these gems to add to your child’s library. They’ve done the legwork. Now you can easily search for what story your kiddo will read next.

Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. And Then Comes Summer
  2. I Promise
  3. Cece Loves Science
  4. Be Bold! Be Brave!: 11 Latinas Who Made U.S. History
  5. The King of Kindergarten

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