Omi the Elephant from Mindful Buddiez

Omi the Elephant from Mindful Buddiez

Let me introduce you to Omi, the Elephant. This cuddly little guy is not like any other plush – created by a medical expert in neurology and a mother of 2, Omi, from  Mindful Buddiez, is the first and only self-guided, interactive stuffed animal that introduces mindfulness to kids.

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I have always tried my best to show Sofia how to be mindful when coping with her emotions. From meditating before bed to taking deep breaths to calm a tantrum, these skills have certainly helped. But, I always have to be there to guide her along the way. Mindful Buddiez, on the other hand, will introduce a child to practice independent mindfulness in a fun and relatable way. Omi serves as a friendly and cuddly reminder to STOP, BREATHE and RESET. 

About Omi

HOW OMI WORKS: Simply place Omi on your belly as he guides you through a short mindful breathing exercise. Awareness of the breath is the most BASIC and valuable mindfulness technique. Your child should feel the belly rise during the IN breath and fall during the exhale. 

WHY OMI WORKS: With Omi’s help, your child learns the first and most important practice in mindfulness. With this fundamental teaching, your child is taught how to identify their emotions, take a moment to become calm and then process their thoughts. Most importantly, they are taught to develop a positive mindset through their practice. The Mindful Buddiez goal is to teach kids independence with coping and resolution skills.

WHY PARENTS LOVE OMI: With Omi, there is no technology needed to engage children in self-calming and self-soothing mindfulness resets. Omi’s settings are created to deliver bite-sized mindfulness practices allowing children to build upon this life skill to problem solve and even manage stress and anxiety. 

If you want to get your very own Omi or learn more about Mindful Buddiez and how you can introduce mindfulness to your kiddo be sure to check out their website.

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