Wow Summit and Working with Moms Meet

Wow Summit and Working with Moms Meet

I recently attended Wow Summit, a powerful, two-day event, filled with inspiration and education, for moms and mom bloggers from the Moms Meet community. I have been working with Moms Meet for about a year now – And, getting the opportunity to attend this conference was amazing for me. Moms Meet, really helped me create new content by introducing me to different brands and allowing me to review some amazing products for my blog.

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What is Moms Meet?

Moms Meet is an online community for people who are interested in learning how to raise healthy and happy families.

” Whether you’re just looking to dip your toe into the world of greener living, or are already a pro, Moms Meet has something for you. From opportunities to sample free natural, organic and eco products and services, to the chance to connect with like-minded moms online and in person—the benefits are endless. ”

Getting started is super easy! Join the online community by registering on the site. Once you are a member you can apply to sample natural, organic and eco products. If you get selected, Moms Meet will send everything to your home, so you can try with family, friends or on your blog. Giving your feedback on the products is important, so you’ll be asked to complete a review and survey after your sampling.

Campaigns with Moms Meet

As I mentioned, Moms Meet has introduced me to some awesome products, and I have had the opportunity to work with some pretty cool brands like, Medterra CBD Oil and Similasan. If you are a new blogger and you are trying to work with brands, this is a great way to start!

Here are just a few other brands I have worked with, thanks to Moms Meet.

Wow Summit

This was the very first “blogger” conference that I attended. And, I absolutely love that it was set up for moms and their families because I was able to bring Sofia along. The first day was for the bloggers, there were informative break out sessions and plenty of opportunities to network with brands! The 2nd day was all about mom life. General sessions included healthier living, parenting, and tons of other great topics. I had such a great time at Wow Summit, and if you get the chance, this is one you’ll want to attend. Moms Meet inspired us, educated us, fed us, gave away awesome prizes and then they gave us goody bags.

Oh boy, the goody bags were amazing! All the attendees were totally spoiled by Moms Meet and the amazing sponsors!

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